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 We are passionate about investing in Multifamily real estate. We work with other like minded individuals to pool our assets together to acquire value-added properties.

David Hudgins

CO-FOUNDER / Partner

David Hudgins is a Co-Founder and CFO of OTMFC, a successful multi-million-dollar equipment rental house for the entertainment industry. He started the company in 2003 and has steadily grown the business year over year. OTMFC now does complete lighting, grip, and vehicle rentals for commercial advertising including film, television, and print media. In 2007, David and his wife, Natalie Alchadeff, a prominent real estate Broker in Los Angeles, started the HB Group, LLC which invests and manages single-family and multi-family residences across several States. In addition to owning multiple single family and duplex properties, David and Natalie purchased their first Multifamily property in 2018. They currently own or have invested in over 450 units in 5 States totaling over $42 million. David served as an elected official, serving on the Board of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council for 4 years, where he was the Chair of the Planning and Land use Committee. He met with developers of small and large multifamily and mixed use properties during the approval process with the city. David and his wife enjoy investing in real estate where they can build wealth for an early retirement, while providing quality homes for the residents.

Natalie Alchadeff


Natalie Alchadeff is an LA-based residential and multi-family real estate broker with over two decades of real estate experience. To date, she has transacted in approximately half a billion dollars in real estate sales. Natalie's absolute, true passion is educating and working with others to gain financial independence through real estate. Her areas of expertise include working with excited yet apprehensive first-time homebuyers, seasoned investors seeking to achieve specific economic outcomes, and sellers pursuing the highest price for their home. Natalie first discovered the power of real estate while working as an Analyst at Wells Fargo Bank's headquarters, where she evaluated $1-30 million commercial real estate ventures. Later she transitioned to Asset Management and was promoted to Associate VP for AIG SunAmerica Affordable Housing Partners. Natalie led a cross-functional team yielding in the sale of approximately 75 apartment buildings (7,000 units) totaling $350 million. Natalie began investing in income-producing property in 2007. She has invested both actively and passively in over 450 units in 5 states totaling over $42 million. Natalie earned an MBA from Ecole des Ponts-Paris Tech in Paris, France, and a Bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley.

Garrison Gilbert


Garrison Gilbert was nominated for multifamily real estate investor of the year in 2018 by Think Realty Magazine which is one of the largest magazine publications for real estate investors but Garrisons career started in the single family space back in 2001. Since 2001 Garrison has been a full-time real estate investor after completing college with two business majors and a minor in psychology. During that time Garrison purchased 1200+ properties which include fix & flips, land development deals, beach property acquisitions, single family rental portfolios, section-8 rental portfolios, high-end estate development, nonperforming real estate notes, and in 2008 he was involved with a $50mill real estate fund based out of NYC. Then in 2015 he decided to focus on commercial real estate full-time. Since 2015 Garrison has had the opportunity to speak at several large apartment building conferences where average attendance ranges from 600-700 people. Garrison is also a multifamily real estate coach for one of the largest names in the business while also having 2 real estate mastermind groups for apartment building owners. Garrison is one of the founding members of MultifamilyMasters.com in which him and his two business partners strive to provide as much content as possible when it comes to buying apartment buildings and they are well on their way to creating the world's largest multifamily platform with 70+ meetups across the world including Asia, Europe, and the USA. Garrison Gilbert is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate and he strives to help as many people as possible because in commercial real estate your network is your net worth and this is a team sport.

Powell Chee


Powell Chee is a syndicator and general partner in 1000+ units specializing in out-of-state multifamily properties. In 2015, while living in Los Angeles, Powell began his real estate investing with a purchase of a house in Kansas City. His next purchase was a 40 unit apartment building in Indianapolis in 2017, followed by a 61 unit property nearby in 2018. With his growing multifamily experience, Powell then shifted his focus to syndicating larger multifamily properties. In 2019, he was a general partner on 900+ units spread over 5 larger properties in locations such as Dallas, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Phoenix, and San Antonio. He holds two masters degrees and a sales executive he achieved the top honor of President’s Circle Award winner for a fortune 500 company.

Feras Moussa


Feras is an entrepreneur at heart with a tech background. Feras graduated from the University of Texas with a Computer Science degree, and worked at Microsoft straight from college. Feras later quit Microsoft to ‘bring tech to industries that lack it’, where he later found his passion for real estate. Feras quickly built a portfolio of rentals, completing 9 closings in his first 12 months. After having seen the results of rentals, Feras later decided to scale up into apartment complexes, where he met Ben Suttles and started Disrupt Equity, a company focused on multi-family acquisition and investments for investors, and in doing so, help leverage his strengths in tech to better identify quality investments for investors. Feras has helped raise millions of dollars for multifamily syndication.

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